Bella Noche is the original creator of the Crystal Gems campaign, of Steven and the Crystal GMs, as well as the player of Lapis Lazuli. The game idea originated out of an idea that allowed the players at the table to play 'the bad guys' instead and enjoy conquering the earth, the campaign was thrown off the rails when Betty, Bella's older sister, chose to go against the mold and began an in-game rebellion.

Bella is fairly close with her sister and brother-in-law though has a habit of sneaking up on Simon and scaring him, usually on accident. Previously dated Bonnie however the two broke up but are on amicable terms now. Bella enjoys poking a little fun at the Phoebe and Marceline, having dubbed them 'The Munchkin' and 'The Shrimp' respectively. Bella has however in the past been guilty of failing to realize when she might have overstepped in a game and gone too far OR allowed a conflict to escalate beyond acceptable limits.

As a GM, Bella can be rather tricky and enjoys teasing the players a little by burying the lead, or making the lead so obvious they doubt it and question it. Bella usually prefers things TO go off the rails and see what happens. Often relies on Betty to help let her know when things HAVE gone too far.

Bella has mentioned being autistic, (high functioning autism/aspergers), in Ocean Gem. This is part of why she relies on the others, primarily Betty, to help her take a step back or know when things have gone too far. Roleplaying and table top games have helped her however to better recognize things and communicate though. In part due to her autism Bella is able to readily spawn up ideas or new tracks for games at the drop of a hat, often in a stream of consciousness fashion, as well as run 'simultaneous combat' utilizing notes and multitasking.

Her difficulty with people outside the tabletop world however has often lead to her being fired. Most recently she worked for a publishing company which was bought out and went out of business.