Betty is the primary DM of the Crystal Gems campaign, of Steven and the Crystal GMs. Her younger, adopted, sister Bella Noche was the original creator of the campaign.

Betty Grof-Petrikov is the wife of Simon Petrikov, and volunteered to watch her neighbor's son Finn. After Finn found her notes she decided to change things up with her group's game and restart their old 'Crystal Gems' campaign about a group of alien invaders and the rebel splinter cell who rose against them.

Betty is generally easy-going but can be prone to some laziness such as pawning off DMing duties off on the others, most usually Simon so she doesn't need to manage a split party by herself. Enjoys trying to tune encounters around Phoebe and her munchkin antics and considers themselves as having a friendly rivalry.

Betty has no strong opinions of Marceline except how she can prove very angry and quick to overreact to a perceived insult if in a bad mood. Betty's view of Bonnie...she's an exposition machine who gladly does her work as a mouth piece for her.

Betty also plays 'Lion' and her old character was Rose Quartz, which she would share with her shut-in cousin Susan on occasion.