Bonnie is the player of Pearl in Steven and the Crystal GMs, as well as the DM of the D&D Aangvanced Guest Arc, D&Danganronpa.

Bonnibelle Bǎozàng-Day began her gaming career by accident when a wrong bus took her to a stop near a convention center. It was there she met Damien Weers and Mackenzie Blair and joined the beginnings of their table. She eventually left the group for personal conflicts and joined a table with Phoebe and eventually met the rest of the Crystal GeMs.

Upon meeting Finn, she was skeptical of a young boy joining their group but quickly was won over by his idea of a tragic drama inducing character in Steven Universe. She also works as a public librarian and is roommates with Phoebe.

Bonnie considers Phoebe to be her best friend and even sees her as a sisterly figure. She was the first at her 'current' table who she told of her sexuality as a sign of trust. Since then Phoebe's on accident let it slip three times. Is easily the closest to Phoebe but finds the whole 'Boss-fro' thing annoying.

Bonnie and Marceline both regularly irk and annoy each other due to their temprements but do find common ground in an enjoyment for shipping characters from television series, books, and any other form of media. Bonnie often finds Marceline's outbursts annoying but will often use them to try and trick her into revealing what's wrong. Views Marceline as a little sister.

Bonnie's heritage is half chinese and for it when she wishes to keep things secret from the rest will write or speak chinese; or else does so as a gag at the author's discretion. The translations are just Google Translate. She has a brother named Neddy who has 'difficulties' but that she cares deeply for.