Gordon is the Game Master for Grand Line 3.5, which tells the story of One Piece. He is also a player and has crossed over with Friendship is Dragons.

His friend Nat was the one who invited him to his first gaming group, who did not treat him very well due to his lack of knowledge and experience in gaming.  After an initial bad experience, he left the group, but tried again with a new group after he was invited by DM to a session.  Quickly picking up the game, he eventually ended up helping DM run a few games.  Grand Line 3.5, however, is his first campaign as the primary GM.  He expressed interest in running his own game after DM became a T.A.  Although he's incredibly astute and capable of planning ahead, he's also incredibly disorganized and forgetful.  He's lost and/or misplaced his notes on more than one occasion.  He also has incredibly poor handwriting, which only Luke seems to be able to read.


  • Sanji (One Piece)
  • Shining Armor (My Little Pony)