The previous DM to the D&D Aangvanced group at the start of the comic, as well as an incredibly intelligent power-gamer, Mackenzie plays the part of Katara.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Mackenzie before her introduction to Roleplaying by Shelby via a survival session styled after the Yaburu Muda, influencing her growth into her later Power-gaming style. She is next seen in the "Origins" episode of Bonnie of Steven and the crystal GMs, having met Damien Weers in the group featured then, before splitting from the group at the end of the episode to form the start of her current group.

Personality Edit

Mac is a very skilled mathematician, and has grown to fall on it to a great degree, leading to her reputation as a power gamer. Mac is fairly reserved, rarely trying to roleplay her characters and preferring combat-heavy play to a point of having dropped almost any attempt at player/character separation by the current day.

Relationships Edit

Mackenzie was introduced to roleplaying, now one of her main interests, by Shelby, but Shelby's status as a world-famous roleplayer caused some tension between the two when she first joined the table, as Mac feared being replaced.