The primary GM for the Aang portion of the D&D Aangvanced campaign, Manny is a screenwriting major with far-reaching aims and grand visions for the group despite their relative lack of experience in the "Roleplay" part of playing together.

Background Edit

Manny is the instigator of the events of the comic, a former player in the group who wishes to try his hand behind the DM's screen.

Manny begins the campaign living with his brother, Rube, although little is known about his history with both his family and with roleplaying save that he was introduced to it by the boys' father, who ran a similar campaign.

Personality Edit

Manny is prone to cinematic ways of thinking, having seemingly grown tired with the previous DM, Mack, and her hack-and-slash style of campaign. Instead, he pushes for what he considers a better story, tending to railroad, manipulate, and control his players to ensure that his plans are fulfilled. This is slowly expanded to reveal deep-seated issues with sadism and abuse in his interactions with his players, prompting an intervention and some attempts to begin confronting his issues. While the success of these attempts are up to interpretation, he allows the first main campaign to end in a way shaped by the players, stepping down from his position of DM in recognition of his poor suitability to the role.

Relationships Edit

Manny shows a strong relationship with his brother since the other's introduction, encouraging him to interact with the group and being Rube's main confident. However, Manny shows no signs of concern after Rube's significant changes leading to the second season, eventually being revealed to have pushed his brother to his current, harmful state, leading to a falling-out between the two and a breaking of their relationship. There are strong signs of the beginning of a rekindling to their relationship towards the end of the third season, leading to events in the Interlude that imply a level of reconciliation by the start of the second campaign.

His relationship with Damien has roots in idolizing him, but has since been hindered by his frustration with Damien's resistance to roleplaying and a generally bad attitude. He has revealed multiple times that his main drive as a DM comes from his views of the Weers family as being a roleplaying ideal. On the inverse, his relationship with Mackenzie is almost entirely negative and he has on several occasions singled her out in combats. At his worst, he has called her a cancer, and he only supports her when he finds her power-gaming humorous. His best friend is Fun Jim, who he chose to leave on a road trip with during the start of the Korra arc.