Marceline is the player of Amethyst of Steven and the Crystal GMs.

Marceline 'Marcie' Abadeer first started D&D out of a deal so she could bully a boy out of his lunch. Her group however quickly and steadily started to dissipate for various reasons, eventually leaving her alone. Used to detest the nick-name Marcie. Eventually found her way to a table run by Betty and Simon where she met phoebe and Bonnie and to impress them began a Call of Cthulu campaign centering around Simon's talking dog character, Courage.

Considers her two greatest characters to be the Samurai Jack, and Son Goku from a campaign run by Bella based off of 'A Journey to the West' that she got from a girl named Tori...which is a reference to Akira Toriyama.

When Finn joined she was pretty easy-going over the idea of having someone else be 'the new guy' of the group. Generally likes Finn and feels he's a good little buddy. Once did a wrestling adventure run by Simon with Finn over skype.

Marceline works as a professional music teacher; offering private lessons out of her studio apartment. Was initially bankrolled by her estranged father, who she calls a 'souls sucking demonic bureaucrat'; has since paid him back though.

Marceline generally finds Bonnie to be a nuisance and hates how she often, without trying, makes her feel inadequate or stupid. Finds Phoebe similarly intimidating, though feels Phoebe at least doesn't 'rub it in her face'.

Her favorite person at the table is Simon who she sees as something of a surrogate father compared to her own 'less than pleasant' relationship with her father.