Phoebe is the player of Garnet, in Steven and the Crystal GMs, as well as the GM of the filler arc 'Heroes and Hooligans'.

Phoebe Flame is the most experienced at her table, having started playing at six when her dad couldn't find a babysitter and brought her to his and his buddy's card night. Played along with them until she entered her teens and sought to meet players that 'werent' just being nice 'cause they're her dad and unrelated uncles'. Met Tom at the first table she went to and discovered power-gaming and has been a full fledged Munchkin ever since.

Eventually met Bonnie at another table and the two became good friends. Her opinion of Finn is generally positive, feeling the excitable little guy brings a certain enthusiasm the table sorely needed, in addition to another voice to help break up Marceline and Bonnie's fights. Generally lives and breaths tabletop games, she enjoys creating both overpowered AND underpowered characters to suit her current sense of humor.

Finds Garnet's new Box-fro to be amusingly perfect fodder to play around with just to mess with the table, but does seriously put effort into empowering it...STILL just to mess with them.

Phoebe and Bonnie are roommates and for it are generally extremely close. Is often easier on Marceline than Bonnie though when they have their fights, better relating to her frustrations than with Bonnie. Keeps a bucket of dice she's nick-named Dennis, for no reason other than to annoy Bonnie BECAUSE there's no reason behind it.

Works as a teppanyaki grill chef. Her last name is actually Smith but changed it because she felt 'Ms. Flame' sounds cooler. The oldest of six, with the other five all being boys, she has experience with younger brothers.