Rainbow Dash is a player in the campaign Friendship is Dragons. She has played one character in the My Little Pony universe.

Rainbow Dash's player is all about killing monsters and taking their stuff - classic D&D. This kind of setting repulses her, but she suffers through it anyway - there's the slightest chance it could be very, very awesome. She seems to treat this campaign as a trial by fire - for Equestria, with herself as the fire. Knowing the world is technically still in development, she'll do everything she can to inject pure awesome into it. Having played with Apple Jack's and Rarity's players before in previous campaigns, she knows that they can both bring the heat in combat when it comes to that. Rarity's player has always been more socially focused, but to Rainbow Dash's player, it feels like Apple Jack's player has gone soft in this campaign.


  • Rainbow Dash