Rick is the theoretical "Main character" of the D&D Aangvanced character, playing the part of Aang, a far fling from his previous history of support characters and background activity. A junior at College pursuing a Psychology major with a deep-seated empathy.

Background Edit

We do not have much information on rick's history before his current group or how he joined the Table, save that he was the last member of the current Table to join. Since then, he has kept to background and support roles, showing no large bias for or against in-character roleplaying at that time, until the events of the comic.

Personality Edit

Rick is a very caring and emotive young man, influencing his constant struggle to keep both the characters and the players from falling out. Over time, as the stakes of the campaign become more apparent, Ricks urges become steadily more pronounced, developing for a short while into an obsession with somehow "saving" his friends from their various problems.

Relationships Edit

After Rube chooses to move out from with his brother, Rick provides him a place to stay, and acts as the main force pushing for improving Rube's mental state towards self-sufficiency and happiness. However, this relationship is strained at times by Rick's saviour complex, driving him to try and "Fix" not just Rube but much of the rest of their group, causing further falling-outs.