Samuel Torres plays Kirito in Sword Arts and Skill Points.

Sam is a power gamer to the core, and enjoys hacking, slashing, looting, and most of all, derailing railroads by blowing up the tracks and looting the train. Occasionally, he will roleplay, but it's either horribly executed or just his character displaying evil sarcasm, which isn't really ever out-of-character for him. Despite this, he really does enjoy getting into his character's mindset and puts an ungodly amount of work into writing very long and detailed backstories, most of which have no bearing on the game.

Sammy is 19 years old, living in (I don't know this is a guess, I haven't decided) Florida, and he works as a novelist in his spare time. He is an only child, because if I were his parents, I'd want a break too. He's the third champion of the Yaburu Muda, and regularly competes in conventions and tournaments under the name TY-03. (Though recently, he's been less active)


Eddie Mackenzie: Sam's first GM and former math tutor. Eddie and Sam are old friends, and despite Eddie no longer living in the area, Eddie and Sam still keep in contact.

Ellie Griffon: Sammy and Ellie have known each other for a long time. In fact, Ellie first got into D&D because Sammy basically dragged her into it. As the sanest person at the table, Ellie is constantly annoyed by Sam's random antics and suggests he visit a therapist frequently.

Terry Chapman: Terry and Sam are close friends, with a lot in common. Terry is often an accomplice to Sam's insanity, due to his tendency to just shrug and go along with things.

Lizzie Chapman: Lizzie and Sam don't know each other very well, but get along fairly well. Lizzie however, has the rare and coveted ability to out-crazy him. If Ellie is the one to get annoyed when Sammy does something stupid and Terry is the one to shrug it off, Lizzie is the one who takes one look, decides it is FAR too tame of an idea, pumps it full of helium, covers it in glitter and spray paint, and then proposes they go with the revised edition instead.

Abby Griffon-Thorne: Sammy's biggest fan. Sam and Abby get along fine, although Sam is occasionally creeped out/annoyed by her antics.