Sword Arts and Skill Points Edit

Sword Arts and Skill Points is a D&D campaign comic about Sword Art Online, following the adventures of a campaign led by a DM named Ellie, and some players on a quest to mess it up.

The comic uses D&D rules (Though the creator of the comic makes up the majority of the moves and powers) with some random homebrew-y stuff sprinkled in here and there).

Sword Arts and Skill Points has crossed over with D&D Aangvanced (Here[1]) and Steven and the Crystal GMs (Here[2])


Ellie Griffon - Ellie is the current DM of the group, 2nd overall. Ellie is a bit of a vengeful dungeonmaster, and enjoys the style of random-encountering people who are currently annoying her. Beyond that, Ellie enjoys both role-playing and combat, though her group seems to often lean one way.

Sam Torres - Sam is pretty much a power-gamer, plain and simple. He likes his characters with incredibly broken combat abilities, and his dragons with unreasonably large amounts of treasure. Sam rarely takes anything too seriously, and he is usually included in the group of people annoying Ellie mentioned above.

Terry Chapman - Terry is the kind of person who will play a talking rabbit in a Chicago Prohibition-era gangster-themed game, as long as he likes the concept. Terry will then proceed to attempt to blow up the moon, you know, just because. He is also in the group of people mentioned above.

Lizzie Chapman - Terry's sister. Lizzie is new to D&D, and likes to play characters that are usually a little insane in one way or another. And that also either creep out or just make everyone else uncomfortable. OK, WHY DON'T WE JUST SAY EVERYONE'S IN THE GROUP OF PEOPLE? BECAUSE THEY ALL ARE!

Abby Griffon-Thorne - Ellie's niece. Abby is a huge nerd and constantly fangirls over Sam and his powergaming prowess.

Eddie Mackenzie - The 1st GM of the group, formerly Sam's math tutor.

The comic is one of the newer ones, so more information will be added later.