Tom, named for 'T.O.M.' from Toonami, Tom serves as an IP lawyer and agent of Mary Weers, beating people 'at their own games' to acquire them as well as to strong arm them into NDA agreements. A vicious cruel player he seems to take pleasure in simply tormenting the others by building the most impossibly overpowered characters available to him, and creating scenarios just to torture the others at the table.

At one point he competed in the First Yaburu Muda competition as Katsuki Bakugo. At some point after he met Phoebe and for whatever reasons taught her how to power game and create monstrously overpowered characters beginning with 'The Freakazoid'. Much about Tom is unknown beyond those who have played with him's feelings about him. Of them only Phoebe views him in any positive light feeling the guy who was nice enough to help her with her character is still in there.

After the 'Death Spiral Campaign' run by Wallace and his character's death, Bonnie set him up with a game with Mary Weers, whom he idolizes. It is believed this event was what helped to truly shape Tom into the terror that is one of, if not THE, top agents under Mary Weers.